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One company, one team – countless travel moments for our guests

Since 1991 Eurofun Touristik, as the leading active tour operator in Europe, has been striving to organize nature-orientated and sustainable active tours with luggage transfer in which quality, regionality, enjoyment and safety are paramount. A wide range of cycling and hiking tours offer the ideal form of active holiday for every experience level.

‘Complete Package’

The ‘Complete-Package’ of a Eurobike cycling holiday and a hiking tour from Eurohike includes both the warm advice of our experienced staff before your tour, as well as the excellent on-site support in the holiday destination, the prompt and reliable luggage transfer during the trip, the selection of inviting hotels and charming accommodation, as well as the detailed travel documents and route descriptions. Our guests enjoy the most beautiful cycling and hiking routes in Europe, far away from the streams of tourists and in a particularly environmentally friendly form of travel – the gentle natural sports of cycling and hiking. When choosing accommodation and restaurants, attention is always paid to regionality and quality – with a focus on smaller units instead of large hotel complexes, as well as smaller, family run restaurants instead of multi-national chains.

Rental bikes on the pebble beach

Our 3 pillars: Purpose – Vision – Mission

1. Purpose

Why does Eurofun exist?

TO make handpicked active holidays throughout Europe easy to experience and to pair them with the best service – SO THAT people can take more zest for life, deeper relaxation and unforgettable moments from their active holiday into their everyday lives.

2. Vision

The goal in mind.

Eurofun Touristik on everyone's lips, in everyone's legs and in everyone's hearts.

3. Mission

How do we achieve the goal?

We LEAD THE WAY when it comes to fulfilling active holidays. Our PASSION for the beautiful and the exceptional is what sets us apart. We consistently enjoy the TRUST of our customers, since we are there for them – with all of our heart and soul.

Hiking map for connoisseurs

Employee well-being

The well-being of our employees is very important within our company. After all, the commitment of every single team member serves as the basis for our all-round perfectly organised tours. An excellent working atmosphere and a particularly good team structure, as well as the sustained appreciation of all employees – not only by company management, but also among employees themselves, ensures a relaxed working day full of motivation and good mood.

Together as a company and team, Eurofun Touristik ensures an unforgettable active experience and countless enjoyable active travel moments for our guests – across Europe.

Hikers resting on a mountain pasture
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