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This includes professional advice before the trip and personal support during the active holiday on-site, the careful selection of fantastic cycling and hiking trails throughout Europe, a detailed complete package of travel documents, luggage transfer from accommodation to accommodation, as well as the selection of inviting hotels and accommodation with special amenities for cycling and hiking guests. Our active tours with charm ensure that certain extra comfort and even more enjoyment.

Compete active enjoyment: cycling and hiking holidays with charm

The cycling and hiking holidays with charm provide an extra portion of comfort, enjoyment and charm for an all-round successful active experience across Europe. The travel specialists at Eurobike and Eurohike carefully choose stylish hotels and inviting accommodation that blend in with the individual landscape of the region, and with their simple elegance and inviting atmosphere, as well as their friendly team, ensure a particularly relaxing holiday experience at the highest level. Whether in a stylish finca on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, a small country house with a lot of traditional elegance in Austria or a gourmet hostel that is idyllically embedded in the vineyards of Italy – in this wonderful accommodation you can relax after an active day in the fresh air.

Terrace with deckchairs at the Hotel Pienzenau

Even more enjoyment: wellness & cuisine

On the active holidays with charm, great attention is paid to the benefits that are good for body and mind. This includes the relaxation and wellness areas in the accommodation, which ensure even more relaxation, tranquillity and enjoyment. After an active day on the bike or hiking, our guests relax with a soothing massage, refresh themselves in the hotel pool or enjoy the hotel’s own sauna area. After relaxation, it is time to pamper the palate with an enjoyable meal. Local delicacies of excellent quality and excellent wines allow our guests to nibble on the best of the region. After so much soothing relaxation and enjoyment, the next day of cycling or hiking can definitely come!

Luxurious outdoor pool with green garden and loungers

Cycling and hiking holidays with charm

An all-round successful cycling or hiking holiday combines beneficial physical activity with active relaxation and offers plenty of opportunities to take a deep breath and enjoy yourself – in the wonderful nature, the charming hotels and accommodation, as well as the delightful restaurants – an excellent cycling and hiking experience with Eurobike and Eurohike.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.