Tours with bike & boat


Our Eurobike tours with bike & boat combine the best of both worlds: active and healthy exercise on the bike with the relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere on the boat. Our guests explore the wonderful natural and cultural landscapes and regions across Europe by bike during the day and relax in peace on the ship in the evening. The best thing about it: the daily packing of the suitcase is saved.

Bike and boat tours

The combined holiday of bike and boat has a very special charm. This form of active holiday allows our guests to experience two enjoyable types of travel at the same time. Active time out while cycling in beautiful nature and the well-deserved time to rest on the ship. Always on the most beautiful cycle routes far away from the tourist crowds. This is definitely the best way to explore the interesting sights, culture and cuisine of a region. Bike and boat tours from classic to luxurious can be booked – the equipment on the ship also varies accordingly. The travel destinations range from Austria, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, to Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. And if you don’t feel like cycling one day, you can just let the wonderful landscape pass you by as you spend the day on board and let yourself be pampered by the attentive crew. Bike and boat tours with Eurobike – probably the most relaxed and comfortable form of active holiday.

Tours with bike & boat

You will experience a very special type of time out on our tours with bike & boat. Here you can enjoy the unique comfort and all the amenities of your floating hotel and at the same time experience the most beautiful cycle routes and river paths in Europe. The friendly crew on the charming ships will ensure your well-being during the entire voyage. During the day you explore the most beautiful cycle paths, in the evening you will be pampered with delicious cuisine on board. Travelling with bike & boat – probably the most comfortable form of active holiday.

Eurobike tours with bike & boat

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