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In the hiking rhythm with Eurohike

For many people hungry for exercise, hiking is the perfect form of active holiday to discover the world, nature and the respective culture of the holiday destination by foot. The gentle natural sport of hiking not only offers a beneficial interplay of healthy exercise and active relaxation for body and mind, it is also a form of travel that slows you down and is climate friendly at the same time. This movement using one’s own physical strength has gained importance in recent years. Now we will tell you all the details about our individual hiking tours in Europe, what makes this form of active holiday so special, what hiking options our guests can choose from and why a hiking holiday with Eurohike can also be a successful experience for your four-legged friend.

Individual hiking holiday – perfectly organised

To hike individually, to organise the day according to your own wishes and to take the necessary breaks when it’s best for you. At the same time, to be excellently supplied with tailor-made travel documents and route descriptions that not only describe the classic route, but also reveal special tips and recommendations for the respective region, relax in the evening in cosy hotels and accommodation and don’t worry about transporting your luggage while you’re there? Always personally looked after, even during the hiking holiday. With the Eurohike WanderPlus, this enjoyable and carefree holiday experience is guaranteed. There is something special about exploring the most beautiful regions of Europe by foot and concentrating entirely on yourself – an incomparably calming experience.

Two hikers on a meadow with the Genneralm in the background

Diverse hiking holidays & location hikes

As a hiking tour operator, we at Eurohike have been organising perfectly organised hiking holidays across Europe for many years. It is a personal concern of ours not only to show you precisely selected and detailed hiking trails and routes, but also to guide you to the most beautiful places, cultural sights and culinary hotspots. Our guests get to know the best of the region and immerse themselves in the local culture. When booking a hiking holiday with Eurohike, you enjoy all the advantages of an all-round perfectly organised active holiday and our travel specialists can adapt all weekly packages to your individual needs. If you prefer to return to the same hotel every evening and save yourself the daily packing of the suitcase, you can enjoy this while hiking with Eurohike. The variety of route guidance during the day is by no means neglected.

Hikers at pavilion on the Rheinsteig

Hiking trips for everyone

In order to guarantee a successful hiking experience for all energy levels, Eurohike, as a hiking holiday operator, has divided the tours into four levels of hiking. Every requirement, from simple to demanding, is catered for.
  • Moderate Walking: As the name suggests, our moderate walking holidays are all about a relaxed and enjoyable active experience. The route guidance is deliberately chosen to be simple, the hiking trails are well-developed and with a bit of stamina, these hiking tours are also ideal for beginners.
  • Walking: Our ‘walking’ category promises an equally relaxed hiking experience. Comfortable daily stages over good hiking trails through beautiful nature. Some basic fitness and good health are the ideal base.
  • Mountain hiking: A hiking holiday in the ‘mountain hiking’ category is ideal for all mountain lovers who are hungry for exercise and are in good physical condition. Some of the routes lead over more demanding paths so we recommend surefootedness and a head for hights for some of the stages and summit ascents.
  • Trekking: The basis for a successful trekking experience with Eurohike is surefootedness, a head for heights and particularly high endurance. If these conditions are met, our guests can expect an unforgettable mountain adventure at altitudes between 1,500 and 2,500 metres, including fantastic mountain panoramas and summit experiences.
  • Hiking holiday with a dog

    Active time out in the open air is not only enjoyable for you, but there is also probably nothing better for your four-legged companion than going on a hiking holiday with you. As a hiking tour operator, we at Eurohike offer a guaranteed paw-friendly range of holiday tours with dogs throughout Europe. From the dog-friendly accommodation, the stress-free transfers in the holiday country, as well as dog-friendly hiking routes, the active tours with dogs guarantee pure hiking enjoyment for humans and animals. The same applies here: from easy to demanding, the preferred travel category can be booked for every two- and four-legged hiker. The hiking holidays with dogs are marked on our website and in the catalogue with a dog’s paw.

    Couple with dog on meadow

    Wonderfully relaxed thanks to a short break

    Do you have a few days off and would like to spend them active and healthy in nature? After all, you don’t need to take a holiday for several weeks to find that perfect holiday feeling. Our shorter hiking holiday offer exactly this relaxing holiday experience. Even a few days off can work wonders and help you rebuild mental strength for everyday life. With Eurohike, our guests experience the ideal short break in the midst of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe, far away from the tourist crowds. And enjoyment is not neglected on our hiking holidays, because an active day is followed by a quiet evening with a wonderful dinner from the region.

    Three hikers on a meadow with Lake Riegsee in the background

    Eurohike Walking Holidays

    Our Eurohike hiking tours are the starting point for countless adventures in nature and cultural as well as culinary experiences. You are always on the most beautiful hiking routes in Europe – completely individual, carefree and without luggage. With our multi-faceted hiking holidays, we guarantee the ideal active holiday for all those who enjoy exercise, from leisurely walking holidays to mountain hikes and demanding trekking tours. Experience your all-round successful break far away from the tourist crowds – on our hiking holidays with luggage transfer.

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